It’s no secret that the Italian Dolomites are one of my favorite places to visit in the world. While the summer months are perfect for hiking and camping, I love visiting in the winter months just as much to spend some time skiing, sledding, and enjoying plenty of other winter activities. Last February we were invited to the beautiful region of Alta Badia, one of the biggest ski areas in the world, and instantly fell in love with the culture, food, people and endless activities the region has to offer. It has since then become a yearly tradition for us to visit for a quick weekend escape from Zurich, especially since it’s only a 5 hour drive from our home. After returning from our annual trip again this year, I wanted to share my itinerary and travel tips to help you plan the perfect weekend winter getaway in the Dolomites.

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Weekend Winter Getaway In The Dolomites - Allie M. Taylor

Things to know before you visit:

  • I highly suggest renting a car, especially during the winter, since the main attractions/popular spots are quite far from each other. Relying on public transportation or a taxi could be time consuming and expensive.
  • Make sure to pack properly for cold weather conditions. You can find my winter packing list ideas at the bottom of this blog post here.
  • Plan out your trip in advance. The Dolomites span a much larger area than you might think. It’s important to plan out the main attractions you want to see since the road conditions, weather, and mountain passes can all cause unexpected delays.
  • Buy a Dolomiti Superski Pass – This ski pass gives you access to one of the biggest and best ski areas in the world with over 1200km of ski runs and 450 connected lifts
  • Try the local Ladin cuisine. The Alta Badia region is home to some of the best gastronomy in all of Italy. Whether you’re at a mountain hut or dining at one of the region’s three Michelin starred restaurants, every meal you have here is of the highest quality. For more local Ladin food examples check out this Ladin cuisine guide from Alta Badia Tourism – you’ll definitely want to try everything on this list!

Where to stay:

Budget (under $100/night) : Apartment Sassongher, Ciasa Alexa, Colfosco Apartment

Mid Range (between $100 – $200/night): La Bercia Dolomites Chalet, Hotel La Scalira, Hotel La Tambra

High End ($200+/night): Hotel La Perla (where we stayed), Hotel Sassongher

My Itinerary

Day 1: Arriving in Alta Badia 


We spent the majority of this day driving from Zurich to Alta Badia because a major snowstorm had arrived in the Dolomites, which caused many passes and roads to be shut down for hours. We had to drive extremely slow because of the unsafe road conditions, but eventually we arrived at our hotel in the evening located in the beautiful village of Corvara. The hotel we were invited to stay at was called Hotel La Perla and I cannot say enough wonderful things about our stay here.

From the moment we entered the hotel, everything was taken care of and we instantly felt like family. This is not a normal 5 star luxury hotel, but rather a charming wooden house you might find in a mountain tale with some of the most impressive views right out your window. The best part is you can even ski in and out directly from your doorstep. While the hospitality, location and wellness amenities are worth bragging about, what really made this hotel stand out for me was the food! The food is not good, it’s delicious and changes every night you dine there. The dining experience is enhanced by the enchanting atmosphere of the cozy wooden restaurant that makes you feel like you’re dining in someone’s home. After our bellies were full, it was time for us to get some rest to prepare ourselves for a busy day of skiing.

Day 2: Skiing in Corvara 

Weekend Winter Getaway In The Dolomites - Allie M. Taylor

Weekend Winter Getaway In The Dolomites - Allie M. Taylor

Our first full day in Alta Badia was off to an early start as we headed for the slopes to do some skiing. With over a meter of fresh snow, we were excited to enjoy some powder and beautiful mountain views. We spent the morning skiing in the Corvara area, taking the Col Alt lift directly from our hotel and then several other lifts that led us further into the mountains in the direction towards San Cassiano.

As the weather began to worsen in the afternoon, we decided it was time to stop for a warm meal at the beautiful and newly renovated Ütia de Bioch Hütte. The owner, Marcus, whose family has owned the hut for generations, greeted us with a warm smile and incredible hospitality. He offered us local wines to try, delicious Ladin Turtres (spinach and ricotta turnovers), homemade tiramisu and plenty of other gourmet dishes created by the region’s Michelin starred chef Norbert Niederkofler. You might think of mountain hut food as being basic or boring, but every meal you have at a mountain hut here in Alta Badia is far from ordinary. With every dish, you can tell just how much time and effort is put into creating it.

The time flew by and nearly three hours later we were finished with our meal (Italians like to enjoy their meals especially with lots of wine/apertivos). By this time the lifts were close to shutting down for the day so we hurried up and finished off our last run before returning back to our hotel.

Day 3: Skiing in Colfosco

Weekend Winter Getaway In The Dolomites - Allie M. Taylor

Weekend Winter Getaway In The Dolomites - Allie M. Taylor

While the weather continued to worsen on our third day here, we were eager to get out onto the mountain and explore some new lifts. To start off our day we headed up the Piz Boé gondola to enjoy a cappuccino at the mountain hut located at the top. I would highly recommend stopping here on a clear day for some breathtaking views overlooking the valley and surrounding mountain ranges, plus the hut is pretty beautiful too!

After waiting a bit for the storm to die down, we headed in the direction of Colfosco, which was by far my favorite lift. The beautiful mountain views, long runs, and charming wooden farm houses dotted amongst the landscape left me constantly in awe. This is also a wonderful area for ski touring and snowshoeing since there are many designated and easily accessible paths for both of these activities.

Weekend Winter Getaway In The Dolomites - Allie M. Taylor

After a few runs, we worked up an appetite and headed to the charming mountain hut known as Jimmi Hütte. I had a delicious rigatoni dish with fried sage and local mountain cheese that was to die for, as well as tried Kaiserschmarrn for the first time. If you’re unfamiliar with Kaiserschmarrn, it’s a traditional Austrian dish made up of shredded sweet pancakes topped with stewed berries, powder sugar, and cream. This is a perfect dish for those with a big sweet tooth and great for sharing since it’s quite large and filling.

Pro tip: Reserve the table at the top of the hut ahead of time so that you dine with one of the best views in the Dolomites overlooking the Val Gardena Pass. 

With tired legs, we started to work our way back towards our hotel in Corvara so that we could enjoy some wellness in our hotel (don’t miss out on this wonderful amenity while staying here). After a long day of skiing, a nice sauna and swim in the heated pool was just what our sore muscles needed.

While we were supposed to start our drive home on this evening, the weather forecasted that the next day would be perfectly clear skies and sunny – a skier’s dream! So we decided to extend our trip by an extra day to finally enjoy a blue bird day on the slopes. It has been my dream to see the Lagazoui piste on a clear day since it was completely covered by a heavy snowstorm with zero visibility when we visited the previous year. You might recognize Lagazoui by its famous sauna located on top of a mountain, which has unfortunately since been shut down. Besides the sauna, it offers one of the most beautiful pistes in the Alps where you can ski while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. If you get a chance, I would highly recommend skiing here not only for the views, but also because it tends to be less busy than some of the other pistes in the area.

Day 4: Enjoying a Blue Bird Ski Day in La Villa


On our final day in Alta Badia, we awoke to the glorious sight of the sun lighting up the mountains just outside our window and perfectly blue skies. To say we were excited to go skiing would be an understatement. Unfortunately, we also woke up to the news that Lagazuoi was closed due to an avalanche in the area which had shut the pass down – I guess I’ll just have to wait until next year to finally see it! With a quick change of plans offered by our guide for the weekend, Elena, who works for Alta Badia Tourism, we climbed into her car and headed towards the village of La Villa. We spent most of our morning here, enjoying the empty slopes, sunny skies, and stunning mountain views. We even took a visit to the picturesque Santa Croce Church, which has been a place of pilgrimage since 1511.

Weekend Winter Getaway In The Dolomites - Allie M. Taylor

After exploring the church, we stopped at a mountain hut on our way down the mountain where Elena recommended we try a “bombardino.” The entire time we were skiing I had always wondered what this strange yellow drink so many people were ordering was, which I later found out was called a bombardino. The bombardino is revered as an Italian’s favourite drink in the winter and is the perfect reward after a long day on the slopes. The drink is made by stirring creamy egg liqueur (which gives it its peculiar yellow color) into brandy and then topping it with whipped cream and cinnamon. It is warm and reminiscent of eggnog, making it the perfect winter drink.


Weekend Winter Getaway In The Dolomites - Allie M. Taylor

With a few more runs under our belt, we drove back to Corvara and met up with Alessia (the direct of marketing at Alta Badia Tourism) and another Italian photographer at the top of the Piz Boé lift. We ventured off to a more hidden mountain hut for lunch known as Crëp de Munt which specialises in traditional Ladin dishes. We started off our meal with an apertivo and a massive plate of turtres and föies da soni (potato fritters), which are traditionally eaten with sauerkraut. I know it sounds a bit strange, but trust me it’s delicious! For my main meal I ordered a simple plate of penne with roasted tomatoes, rocket, basil and smoked cheese and it was by far my favorite mountain hut meal of the trip. I’m always impressed when someone can make a simple dish extraordinary and memorable. If you get the chance, you must stop here for a delicious meal and enjoy the remarkable scenery!


As the sun was beginning to dip behind the mountains, there was one more place I wanted to see before we said our goodbyes to the Dolomites. We took the lift in the direction towards the Sassongher mountain where there is a beautiful piste that winds through several wooden farm houses with Sassongher towering in the distance. With the sun on our faces, we stopped to take some photos here and just enjoy the incredible scenery around us.

Eventually it was time for us to head back to our hotel and pack our things before beginning our drive home to Zurich. It’s always so hard for me to say goodbye to places that I’m able to form a special connection to and the Dolomites are no exception. The warm hospitality of the people, the incredible food, and stunning mountain scenery is something that’s hard to find anywhere else in the world.

I hope you can find my itinerary and travel tips of use when you plan your very own trip to the Dolomites. If you’ve ever been to the Dolomites in the winter and have any tips or fun ideas you’d like to share, let me know in the comments below!


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Thank you Alta Badia Tourism for hosting us during our stay. We are so thankful for your generous hospitality and for making every trip so memorable! As always, all opinions and experiences are my own.


Traveling during the winter months is a great idea if you’re looking to save money as well as beat the crowds. Sure, the weather is a bit colder but there are plenty of beautiful destinations to visit that each offer something special to discover. Whether it’s skiing, dog sledding, chasing the Northern Lights, wandering Christmas markets or simply cozying up by a big fireplace – the possibilities for winter activities are endless. To help give you some inspiration, I’ve created a list of “10 Beautiful Winter Travel Destinations” that should definitely be on your bucket list this year. I’ve also included a selection of activities that you can enjoy and recommendations on where to stay for each location.

Lapland, Finland


Lapland, Finland is easily one of my favorite winter travel destinations. Whether it’s watching the northern lights, snowmobiling across the snowy landscape, taking a ride on a sled led by a team of reindeer or visiting Santa’s workshop, the activities in Finland are endless. I highly recommend staying in a glass igloo so that you can watch the northern lights without ever having to leave the comfort of your own bed. It’s an experience you won’t ever forget!

Where to stay

What to do

Lofoten Islands, Norway

10 Beautiful Winter Travel Destinations To Put On Your Bucket List - Allie M. Taylor

No matter the season, the Lofoten Islands in Norway are always a beautiful destination to visit. However, I prefer to visit in the winter because of the chances of seeing the Northern Lights. While small and remote, the tiny red fishing cabins that dot the coast line here amongst the towering fjords will surely take your breath away.

Where to stay

What to do

Banff, Canada


If skiing or snowboarding is your thing, then Banff is the perfect winter destination for you. Regarded as one of the best ski destinations in the world, Banff is filled with endless winter sports opportunities that you can partake in all while being surrounded by the beautiful backdrop of the Canadian Rockies. Even if you’re not into skiing, there’s plenty of other activities and natural scenery to explore to keep you busy during your stay here.

Where to stay

What to do

Prague, Czech Republic

The winter months are an ideal time to visit the beautiful capital city of Prague because the city becomes quieter and more peaceful after the summer crowds leave. This also a great time to visit because accommodations become much more affordable, meaning you can snag a 4* hotel in the center of the city for a mere 40-50 Euro a night.  Whether it’s exploring the Christmas markets that stay open past New Years with a steaming cup of glühwein or taking in breathtaking views of Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, Prague has something to offer everyone.

Where to stay

What to do

Chamonix, France


Photo via Alex Strohl

Filled with majestic winter landscapes and beautiful ski slopes located in the heart of the French Alps is the charming village of Chamonix. It’s a great place to visit if you’re looking to master the slopes on skis or cozy up next to a fireplace in a Victorian chalet. It’s also incredibly close to both Switzerland and Italy in case you’re looking to extend your trip and taste more of Europe.

Where to stay

What to do


Winter is a great time to visit Japan because you can visit popular landmarks without the crowds and because it’s low season, flights and accommodation are more affordable. Japan has grown in popularity over the years amongst skiiers, with spots like Hokkaido boasting some of the best powder in the world. Besides skiing, one of the best things to do in the winter is visit the famous Japanese snow monkeys at Jigokudani Yaen Kōen (Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park) located near Nagano. You can easily visit here on a day trip from Tokyo but I recommend staying in the area for a few days to explore the surrounding area.

What to do



Photo via Jeff Sheldon

While most popular in the summer, Iceland is also an incredible destination to visit in the winter since the landscape changes completely. From black sand beaches and natural thermal baths to frozen waterfalls and valleys, there’s plenty of beautiful places to explore. And if you’re lucky and the weather is in your favor, you just might see the Northern Lights. It’s by far one of the most magical experiences that can be had while you’re here!

Where to stay

What to do

Budapest, Hungary

10 Beautiful Winter Travel Destinations To Put On Your Bucket List - Allie M. Taylor

Photo via Find Us Lost

Visiting Budapest in the winter is a magical time to experience the city and all that it has to offer. The winter months give way to panoramic views of the city dusted in a beautiful blanket of snow that will easily take your breath away. When the weather gets too chilly, it’s the perfect time to head to one of the many thermal bath houses located throughout the city to soak in the warm mineral-infused waters. In fact, the city is home to 118 thermal baths, which is more than anywhere else in the world.

Where to stay

What to do

Hallstatt, Austria

10 Beautiful Winter Travel Destinations To Put On Your Bucket List - Allie M. Taylor

Photo via Madeline Lu

Hallstatt, Austria is one of the most idyllic villages you’ll ever visit in Europe. Set on a hillside overlooking a beautiful blue lake with an incredible backdrop of the mountains lies the fairytale like village of Hallstatt. In the winter time Halstatt transforms into a winter wonderland and becomes even more enchanting for visitors. Stroll past the colorful shops and houses throughout the village with a glühwein in hand and admire the beautiful white swans that swim along the water’s edge.

Where to stay

What to do

  • Soak in the beauty and charm of Hallstatt’s by strolling through town
  • Take in the scenic views overlooking the church and lake from this iconic viewpoint
  • Visit Hallstatt’s local cemetery, Ossuary, which also features amazing views
  • Take a ferry across Lake Hallstatt
  • Ride the cable car up 1000ft to the nearby Hallstatt salt mines and walk across the skywalk
  • Go skiing at Dachstein West
  • Try Kaiserschmarrn, one of the most famous dessert dishes of Austrian cuisine

Zermatt, Switzerland

10 Beautiful Winter Travel Destinations To Put On Your Bucket List - Allie M. Taylor

Photo via @ckanani

No matter what season it is, visiting Zermatt, one of Switzerland’s most charming villages, is never a bad idea. However, the winter months are a particularly great time to visit because the mountains transform into a skiers paradise. In fact, it’s one of the few places in the world that you can ski internationally into Italy. Even if you’re not into skiing, there’s plenty of other winter activities to do as well. I suggest taking a stroll through town to admire the charming streets and buildings with the mighty Matterhorn in the distance.

Where to stay

What to do

  • Ski in one of the most beautiful resorts in the world
  • Take the train up to Gornergrat and soak up the incredible views from 3100m
  • Challenge your friends to a toboggan ride
  • Go hiking or snowshoeing to explore more of the mountain
  • Visit the famous black nose sheep in their barn – check out different tour options here
  • Enjoy fondue, a classic Swiss dish that’s perfect to enjoy when it’s cold out

Winter Packing Ideas

Packing for winter travel can be tricky, especially if you’re not used to cold weather. Here are some of my go to winter wear options when it comes to packing for winter travel. These are guaranteed to keep you cosy and comfortable in even the coldest places.


This is the number one thing I can’t live without during the winter time. They can be a bit pricy but are so worth it. I love mine from Woolrich and also this one from Canada Goose.

Fleece Jacket

If you have room, a lightweight fleece jacket is great to wear under parkas or on days when the weather is less chilly. I like this one and this one from Patagonia.


Layering is ideal for winter because you can easily take one off if you suddenly get too warm. I recommend this breathable Merino Wool top from Icebreaker.


I always wear leggings under my snow pants to stay cozy and keep the warmth in. You can also wear these alone or even under jeans. I recommend these leggings from Icebreaker.


This also falls under the category of layering, but I always pack at least 2-3 sweaters. Sometimes I’ll even wear a turtle neck under another sweater if I know it’s going to be really cold out. I love the look of this Fjallraven sweater in particular, which is made from soft wool to keep you extra warm. This turtleneck from Everlane is also great for layering.

Waterproof, windproof Pants

If you’re planning on trekking in the snow or spending a lot of time in wet conditions then I recommend packing a pair of waterproof, wind resistant pants. I like these light weight ones from Marmot.

Warm Socks

This is a pretty obvious one, but one of the first places I get cold is my toes. If you’ve ever experienced frozen toes, you know just how painful it is. Skip the pain and check out these awesome wool socks that are perfect to wear under a pair of boots to trap the heat in.


There’s nothing worse than having wet feet which is why it’s important to have waterproof boots. I recommend these and these.


It’s important to keep your ears properly covered when you’re out in the cold, which is why I love wearing beanies so much. Not only will they keep you warm, they’re also a fashionable accessory for the winter. I love this pompom beanie from Free People.


A necessity for keeping your neck and face warm especially if it’s windy. I love these from & Other Stories which come in a variety of beautiful colors.


I recommend bringing two pairs since I always seem to lose one while I’m outside. I usually bring one thick pair and one thin pair of mittens depending on the activities I’m going to be doing and how cold it is. These water resistant gloves from UGG are so cozy and lined with wool!

Shop my Winter Wardrobe

Do you have any other favorite winter destinations that I haven’t mentioned above or any helpful cold weather tips? Feel free to share them in the comments below.


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