For those of us who have a travel lover in our lives (or they are that travel lover), you might be wondering what to give someone who’s practically seen and done it all. Sure, we’d love to give them a plane ticket to that next destination on their bucket list if we could. However, there are plenty of other great holiday gifts for travel lovers that don’t exactly have to break the bank, including many under $100 dollars. Here are a few gift ideas to inspire that wanderlust in your family member, friend, or partner that loves to travel. From noise canceling headphones to stylish suitcases, these gifts are great for making a traveler’s journey more comfortable or memorable.

  1. Stay connected no matter how far you are away from a power outlet with this 10ft long charging cable
  2. This world traveler calendar will have you dreaming of a new destination every month
  3. The perfect camera for capturing those little moments while on the go
  4. Noise canceling headphones to help keep you sane when flights get noisy – especially if you’re sitting next to a crying baby
  5. Travel in style with this chic luggage that makes traveling a breeze
  6. Travel guides from Monocle that make it easy to learn the in-and-outs of every city on your bucket list
  7. A vegan leather bag that’s perfect for those weekend getaways with friends
  8. Always stay charged while on the go with this Belkin portable charger
  9. Miracle face wipes that are ideal for those of us on the go & in need of refresh
  10. An amazon kindle is great for keeping yourself entertained during those long flights and layovers and is also very affordable
  11. Ditch the plastic waste and start using a waterbottle while traveling – this one even keeps your beverages hot or cold
  12. Say goodbye to tangled headphones and iphone cables thanks to these life-changing cord tacos
  13. Everything a frequent flyer needs all in one place with this stylish and sleek traveler wallet
  14. A travel sized assortment of all the Aesop essentials you need bundled up into a travel friendly case
  15. Packing cubes that make it easy to stay organized and save space (and also your sanity)
  16. Give dry skin a boost with this soothing face mist made from rosewater
  17. Eco-friendly pouches that are great for organizing small loose items like makeup, cords, and other accessories
  18. Look refreshed even after that 16 hour flight thanks to these eye-gel masks from Honest Hazel


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